Jonathan M. Gleason - CFO

Jonathan’s engineering career began as an intern at Ward Manufacturing in Blossburg Pennsylvania. There he established preventative maintenance schedules, quality control procedures and testing, and resolved issues with manufacturing equipment. He designed and tested a new line of brass fittings for the companies’ product line Wardflex; a flexible gas line tubing used in both residential and commercial applications.

            After moving to California Jonathan started working for Advanced Engine Management. After first doing small projects for the OEM's, Jonathan was quickly moved into large scale product development for numerous OEM customers. This experience taught him how to communicate properly with OEM customers, implement quality control procedures, and improve OEM to aftermarket relationships.

Benjamin F. Lascelles - CEO

Benjamin F. Lascelles is a partner at Ridesync LLC. Benjamin began engineering products for Advanced Engine Management Inc. in 2002 in Research and Development. Benjamin's main focus was the aftermarket until 2004. As the business grew, so did the department.

He then started developing product for the OEM market using the creativity and freedom brought on from the aftermarket. Working directly with the OEM's, AEM was awarded as a Gold supplier for performance parts in 2005 and 2006. Benjamin was the lead engineer at the time for that OEM. Working with engineers from various OEM's he was able to see what strength's and weaknesses are carried throughout the process and modify them accordingly.